The Side Loop

There is a little side loop which contains a wonderful mix of interesting plants and fungi.  Southern Needleleafs airplants adorn the Oaks –

Southern Needleleaf and Spanish Moss 1

A Cardnal Airplant rests on a vine –

Cardinal Airplant

But don’t just look up – look down and see the Turkey Tails adorning the trunks of the Dahoon –

Turkey Tails 1c

A Turkey Tail and Southern Needleleaf living side by side –

Turkey Tails 1b

Look a little more and you will find Snow Fungus –

Snow Fungus 1b

Look down on the ground by the bench and you will see a mat of little green leaves –

Mitchella repens 1

It is Twinberry or Partridgeberry which is a member of the Coffee Family.  It produces pairs of dark red buds which become little white flowers 

Mitchella repens 2

Mitchella repens 3

That’s all for now – but standby for future postings.


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