Red Berries and Red Lichens

The bustle of Christmas was over so I headed over to the trail for a quiet stroll to the water.  As I walked, I noticed that some of the red berries on the Dahoon Holly (or Myrtle Dahoon or just Dahoon) were maturing and turning black.

Dahoon 2

But what grabbed my interest this day was the shape and texture of the lichen on the trunk of the Dahoons.  Lichens are a great characteristic for identifying a Dahoon as their trunks always have lichens.

Lichens are a combination of fungi and alga and are sort of weird little organisms.  But the lichens have some great shapes and textures.

Dahoon 3

Some of the lichens are red –

Dahoon 4

Some of the lichens are green and some are white –

Dahoon 5

And sometimes it’s a wonderful mix of colors –

Dahoon 6

That’s all for now – but standby for future postings.

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