Saw Palmettos in Glorious Flower

This blog contains images of nature found in a wonderful part of the Savannas State Preserve known as the Halpatiokee Nature Trails.  I hope that my images show some of the wonders of nature and will entice people to visit the Trail.

Saw Palmettos abound along the Trail.  I love the twists and turns of the stems as they begin their flowering stage.

Saw Palmetto 1

And soon the flowers begin to appear.

Saw Palmetto 2


And then the fun begins as they are visited with all manner of insects.  Wasps come to feast.

Wasp on Saw Palmetto Flower


A beetle appears and joins in.

Beetle on Saw Palmetto Flower


Bees are there in force.

Bee on Saw Palmetto Flower


And are then joined by a pair of love bugs.

Bee and Love Bugs on Saw Palmetto Flower


It is like having a 3-ring circus right before your eyes.




3 comments on “Saw Palmettos in Glorious Flower

  1. George Rogers says:

    Looks like everybody’s there. Too bad you can’t include the fragrance.

    • Maybe I could pass out scratch and sniff cards like the film director John Waters. He released an enhanced “Odorama” version of his film, Polyester in 1982 where he included scratch and sniff cards that the audience could use while watching the movie. I remember this because I saw the movie and got a card. One of the smells was of rotten eggs – I forget what the others were.

  2. […] the left of the planking, I saw a flowering saw palmetto in all its foamy, twisted […]

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