Pleasant Surprises

I hit the Trail yesterday looking for some Green Arrow Arum spadix – the flowering part of the plant. Now, why I would be looking for this? Because the Treasure Coast Natives blog has wonderful post about how the fragrance of the spadix and it’s cover, the spathe, change over time in order to trigger certain responses from the fly which is the key to the plant species survival. Click on “Come Eat My Pollen . . . “ and the article will open in a separate tab.

The spadix is the white stalk which is surrounded by by the spathe.

Green Arrow Arum 1


Here is a shot showing a little fly which looks like the Elachiptera formosa referenced in the Treasure Coast Native post.  (Rick, I hope my fly ID is correct)

Green Arrow Arum 2


While photographing the Arum, I spotted an orchid growing in the same wet soil.  Toothpetal False Reinorchid is common throughout Florida but still makes a nice addition to the Trail.

Toothpetal False Reinorchid


As I was walking back to the car I came on a Bobcat who was kind enough to wait until I could get the camera and take a shot.  After the Bobcat headed into the undergrowth I spotted a second Bobcat, but that one didn’t linger to get his/her portrait taken.


7 comments on “Pleasant Surprises

  1. George Rogers says:

    Love that bobcat

  2. […] post-posting.  John caught the fly in the act.  See his Trail to the River.  Nice Bobcat there […]

  3. Shari Anker says:

    John, I always like traveling with you via this blog. It brightens my day,and I always learn something. I found it fascinating to read about the pollinator cycle, this symbiosis that helps both plant and fly. What great serendipity to come across this bobcat who generously allowed his/her photograph. Halatiokee will be in the news tonight and tomorrow. It is our efforts to save this very special place.

  4. FeyGirl says:

    How beautiful and incredibly lucky…. A bobcat kind enough to have his portrait taken!! 🙂 Just gorgeous.

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