A New Look for Some Old images

As a photographer I always strive to make my images appear as realistic as possible.  I process my pictures to reflect how the scene, plant, or fungi looked to my eye.  But there are different ways to “look” at things and there is nothing wrong with looking at images using a little more artistic license.

In one of the blogs I follow the author talked about images incorporating the Orton effect. This style of image has a dreamy look where the lights in the image were even brighter and the focus was a little softer.  The effect is  named after Michael Orton the photographer who popularized it.

Here is the original view of the Climbing Aster

Climbing Aster 2



And here is the view with the Orton effect

Climbing Aster 1

The intent is to give some subtle and pleasing changes not create a radically different image.


Here is the original of the Green Arrow Arum

Green Arrow Arum 1


And here is the view with the Orton effect

Green Arrow Arum Orton 2


Do you like the Orton look?

I like the effect.  That is not to say I’m going to use this on all my images but I did want to try it on a few more.  So I did and then put them into a slide show.  As side shows always seemed to be helped with music, I used a tune by one of my favorite Florida folk singers who embraces environmental causes.  Dale Crider wrote and sings this song about Marjorie Stoneman Douglas and her battle to save the Everglades.

Here is the link to slideshow.  I hope you will enjoy the images and the song.

Images Seen on a Trail to the River

8 comments on “A New Look for Some Old images

  1. Kay says:

    John this will inspire me to take a walk on this trail. The photographs were beautiful and I hope to take in the natural beauty of this location very soon.

  2. Yes, I like the effect because it is subtle and doesn’t take away from the image like so many of the RIDICULOUS effects people seem to think look great post-instagram. I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to photography and feel it is an art unto itself with no need of special effects.

    • Glad you liked the images. I sent you an email on your spider ID question and didn’t hear back. But George said you did get a good ID although he couldn’t remember what it was.

      • oh! you are THAT John!
        Yes, it’s a Neoscona arabesca, also known as the Arabesque Orbweaver according to Bill Schall from the the ext office in Palm Beach.
        I’m very appreciative of the interest/effort you all put into the identification!

  3. George Rogers says:

    Yes, the subtle added glow seems close to the visual truth on a dappled day along the trail—the effect seems to replace what the camera otherwise tends to lose. Looks extra nice on glossy surface.

  4. Shari Anker says:

    Hi John,

    Once again my sincere apologies for not getting back to you sooner. My mom has been hospitalized five times in the last six weeks and underwent high risk surgery last week. Including our fight over the bridge there’s a wee bit too much for me to handle, but I make my efforts nevertheless.

    I LOVE this joyous celebration of our Halpatiokee Trails. I love the foot-stomping, hand-clapping music that accompanies it.

    I have asked that it be put on the Conservation Alliance’s Facebook page and website. We will share it with reporters.

    Speaking of reporters, a TCPalm reporter wants to take a tour of Halpatiokee. We will ask Diane to conduct the tour but would love it if you have time in your schedule as well.

    Very best wishes, Shari

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