Back on the Trail Again

Since I haven’t done a blog posting in awhile I decided it was time to stroll down the Trail and take some pictures.  I recently acquired a new smaller camera and a new small lens and I needed to test them out.  See what you think.

Sunlight was illuminating the air plants that covered the Live Oak tree.

Live Oak 2


As I love the texture of the bark, I thought the oak was worth another look.

Live Oak 1 (HDR)


The Spanish Moss appeared to have a golden glow in the sunlight.

Spanish Moss 3


As did the Turkey Tails on the tree.

Turkey Tails 3


A half dozen species of wildflowers were blooming.  Some of the Twinberrys, a member of the Coffee Family, were in flower.

Twinberry 7


Here is a Twinberry bud and, if you look along the right edge, you will see the twin red fruits looking like small match heads.

Twinberry 8


I was really pleased with the performance of the new camera and lens and was happy to get back on the Trail.

8 comments on “Back on the Trail Again

  1. George Rogers says:

    I think of twinberry as “Canadian.” Always a thrill to see it here. Somehow sort of unifying.

  2. If you hadn’t identified it for me when we walked the Trail, I would never have known what it was. Such pretty little flowers.

  3. FeyGirl says:

    Just gorgeous… And I’ve yet to hike this beautiful trail!

  4. They are awaiting final Federal Govt approval which should come this month. Would be glad to see you anytime.

  5. Shari Anker says:

    Yes, please do visit while you can. But just so you know the Conservation Alliance of St. Lucie County is fighting the placement of a bridge through these two state preserves: Halptiokee Trails of the Savannas State Preserve, and the North Fork of the St. Lucie River Aquatic Preserve. I also highly recommend a kayak or canoe trip on Evans Creek, which appears at the end of the trail. It’s truly a different world in there. Check out a YouTube video by searching for Evans Creek on the St. Lucie. We are grateful to John for his gorgeous documentation of the plant life that is found here. He and Diane Goldberg have made numerous trips, and have provided a list of plant species as well. The Conservation Alliance has a Facebook page and you can find out about our efforts to save this area there.

  6. Thank you Shari for spearheading the effort to save this habitat.

    Here is the link to the Conservation Alliance page:

    And the link to the video:

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