Snake Vines and Snowballs

This was a wonderful day to stroll down the Trail.  The sky was blue and there was no rain in the immediate forecast.

Trail 5


Along the side of the Trail a Smilax vine was rising up from the ground like a green snake that was covered with nasty looking spikes.  One of the common names given to this vine is Earleaf Greenbrier but a good friend of mine grew up calling it a Snake Vine and I like that name the best of all.

Smilax 1


The remains of the tendrils that at one time had been used to hoist itself up now dead and brown but still wrapped around a piece of a twig

Smilax 2


The fresh green tendrils at the end of the Snake Vine were reaching out to grab hold of something to help the vine climb higher.

Smilax 3


And if they couldn’t find anything else to grab, they grabbed each other and intertwined.

Smilax 4


If you get down to the water, look around and you will see a little white snowball.

Buttonbush 1


The snowball consists of many flowers and is found on a tall woody shrub known as Buttonbush which is a member of the Coffee Family.

Buttonbush 2


That’s all for now – but standby for future postings.


7 comments on “Snake Vines and Snowballs

  1. FeyGirl says:

    Just lovely….

  2. Diane Goldberg says:

    The tender new stems of the Smilex are yummy. The Buttonbush is so beautiful. Too bad it doesn’t flower all year long.

  3. Ah, but if they were always in bloom would you appreciate their beauty as much – doesn’t absence make the heart grow fonder?

  4. carol macdonald says:

    We hiked in Welaka State Forest this morning, a place where we see these very same things, and perhaps a few more. The butterworts were just starting to bloom–January is a bit early for them, I think, but there they were! Welaka State Forest is in South Putnam County, and is well worth a drive.

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