Orchids and Puff Balls

The Trail is constantly providing new and interesting plants.  Last week a Snake-mouth Orchid of Rose pogonia popped up.

Pogonia ophioglossoides 2


I keep looking up at the branch of one of the Oak trees because I found the leaves of a Florida Butterfly Orchid.  It usually flowers in June or July but can flower anytime and I want capture the image when it does.  For now, all I can show you are the long drooping leaves and the whitish pseudobulb at the base.

Encyclia tampensis


Lately, I’ve gotten really interested in mushrooms – photographing and identifying them, not eating them.  So when I spotted this one I stopped to take the shot.

Rhopalogaster transverarium 1a


It is thick-skinned puff ball that doesn’t have a common name.  Unfortunately, the scientific name (Rhopalogaster transverarium) doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.   And it’s not all that photogenic on the inside. 

Rhopalogaster transverarium 1c


This fungi is there to handle decaying organic material in the pine-oak woods

That’s all for now – but standby for future postings.


2 comments on “Orchids and Puff Balls

  1. Gary and Sue Ellen Warden says:

    What beautiful photos. We discovered this spot in 1997 when we first arrived in Florida. That was our first experience with a Lubber grasshopper. Glad to see these photos and hope to see many more in the future.

  2. Thanks for the kind words. Hope to see you on the Trail. You might enjoy my other blog as it is about plant species of the Treasure Coast: http://treasurecoastnatives.wordpress.com

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