Pink and White

Spring is coming and the Heath Family is out in flower.  Fetterbushes and their little upside down urn-shaped flowers are pretty in pink.

Fetterbush 1

The new fruit is starting to appear

Fetterbush 2

Coastalplain Staggerbushes are out in white.

Coastalplain Staggerbush 1

Looking up at the flowers shows a pollinators view – that is, if the pollinator had our type of vision.

Coastalplain Staggerbush 3

 There are 6 native species of Blueberry found in Florida.  You can find half of them on this trail and they are all in flower right now.  Darrow’s Blueberry flowers are found on a 4-foot high bush with little leaves.

Darrow's Blueberry 3

 Shiny Blueberry flowers are found on a short bush with little leaves.

Shiny Blueberry 1

Deerberry flowers have their anthers sticking out.

Deerberry 1

That’s all for now – but standby for future postings.


4 comments on “Pink and White

  1. FeyGirl says:

    What gorgeous shots!! So beautiful… I keep meaning to plant one of these native blueberries.

  2. Thanks for the compliment. I mostly see the Shiny Blueberry, so I was really happy to see all 3 species in one area and in bloom.

  3. Shari Anker says:

    Another journey of discovery! These blossoms appear as jewels to me. Is it unusual to find three species of blueberry in one small area like this?

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