Ancient Ferns

Walking around the gate and heading down the trail –

The Start of the Trail

The Start of the Trail


Nature provides a wealth of visual stimulation and one of the first thing that catches my eye are  the “cinnamon sticks” of the cinnamon fern (Osmunda cinnmomea).


Cinnamon Sticks

Cinnamon Sticks


Next time you see this fern take a close look at the cinnamon stick.  What you see are the casings housing the spores (sori).  You will see little round cases that have a slit opening across the top.  One side of the casing contracts as it dries which the case to split and the spores to be ejected


Osmunda cinnamomea 2

Cinnamon Fern Sori


Osmunda ferns date back over 200 million years and were around when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Further down the trail another Osmunda caught my eye.  This time it was the royal fern (Osmunda regalis).  The leafs are a different shape and a little daintier  but the sorin casings look very similar.


Royal fern leaf

Royal fern leaf


Royal Fern Sori

Royal Fern Sori


That’s all for now – but standby for future postings.  If anyone has pictures or words about the flora or fauna found on the Halpatiokee Trail contact me so we can get you published.


6 comments on “Ancient Ferns

  1. […] Yesterday John and George checked out the plant life along the Halpatioke Trail in a Port. St. Lucie outparcel from Savannas Preserve State Park. The trail touches several habitats from scrub to brook, to brackish shore, and is home to such pleasing species as Partridgeberry (Mitchella repens), Innocence (Houstonia procumbens), and Florida Butterfly Orchid (Encyclia tampensis). John has launched a e-journal of the flora and fauna. CLICK […]

  2. Susan Michet says:

    Beautiful pictures of a magical spot!

  3. Steve says:

    Now that is a “site for sori(s)” Nice photos of a very special place. (love the T. usneioides flowers too)

  4. George Rogers says:

    That snow fungus is gorgeous.

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